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Secondary Plastic Raw Material Trade




The most common plastic raw material of plastic product production is a specific granule that can originate from primary resources in the form of a primary raw material, and which may also devise from secondary resources in the form of a regranule. Regranules, processed from the waste and refuse materials of plastic product manufacturing from primary raw materials, can be produced with simple methods. There are remarkably improved, cutting-edge technologies applied for processing such plastic waste and refuse materials. Owing to these technologies, the highest quality of secondary raw materials can be produced.

WHY IS THIS beneficial FOR YOU?

These materials appear in various forms; not only as a regranule, but they are also to be found on lower procedure levels as a regrain, agglomerate or in crystallised forms.

Practice shows that these materials also comply with the technological requirements of plastic production, while they can be procured for approximately 40-80% of the original primary raw material price, depending on their processing level and quality.


There are certain product groups where the use of secondary raw materials is prohibited according to authority regulations. Such product groups namely are wrapping materials used in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industry.

Regarding other authority approved products, substantial cost savings can be achieved on raw material procurement expenses by using secondary raw materials, without any quality loss.


We gladly make an offer on those materials that are most suitable for your recently applied production technologies.

Besides our offer, we send you a sample portion from the given material type to be shown, furthermore, if it is required and possible, we also provide you with a data sheet of the material.

Providing that our customised offer appeals to you, a greater amount of sample material is to be delivered.


Plastic wastes pose a serious threat to the environment, if they are treated as refusal garbage and thrown away into the living environment. Unfortunately, these discarded materials dissolve in many decades owing to their special material structures. In these days, approximately 20 million tons of plastic material is produced yearly. About 94% of this is handled as waste and taken to the dump.
The materials of secondary plastic raw material production are the refusals of primary plastic production, along with other industrial plastic wastes and the remnants of wrapping materials. These waste materials can be processed into valuable secondary raw materials, ensuring that they are handled and selected carefully by paying attention to cleanliness restrictions. Taking our partners’ specific demands into consideration, we help you supply us with the most marketable and appropriately handled plastic wastes.

Our team works on finding and offering our partners the utmost possible recycling solutions regarding the variety of reusable plastic wastes.

Should you have any considerable amount of plastic waste in stock, please contact us for a most favourable offer tailored for your needs.

If required, we kindly provide you with our professional experience and knowledge concerning plastic wastes, moreover, if you wish we can help your work with giving some constructive advice.

Our current key purchasing activity covers the following materials:

polyethylene-foil in Bales polyethylene-regrain polyethylene-regranule
  • PE-LD, clear or coloured
  • Stretch, clear
  • PE-HD, clear or coloured
  • PE-HD, coloured
  • PE-LD, clear or coloured
  • PE-HD, clear or coloured
polypropylene-foil in bales polypropylene-regrain, in bales polypropylene-regranule
  • clear or coloured
  • clear or coloured
  • clear or coloured
PET in bales PET-regrain TECHNICAL PLASTIC regrain
  • clear or coloured
  • production waste preform
  • clear or coloured

Selling and purchasing machines

One of the key considerations of plastic recycling is the choice of appropriate technology, without which the production of regranules with favourable properties is extremely hard from the aspect of outstanding quality and processing. This technology requires a significantly high level of investment, and covers great expenditure on the related equipment. Therefore, the principal decision is the right selection from the available technology and equipment.

For your request, we search for the optimal, both new and second-hand machines required for Your manufactured products and processing technologies. We help you decide by providing exact technological data and personal demonstration. You can promptly get the most specific answers for your questions from us. Should you have any marketable machine, which can be used and which is in an ideal mechanical condition, contact us to help you seek the most advantageous offer for your company.

Transmitting lease-work

Processing technologies are fairly complex procedures from the initial supply of plastic wastes to the final marketing of ready-made regranules.

Plastic manufacturers often do not possess all the necessary equipment for the processing of wastes, or else, they operate them with inadequate efficiency.

We offer you solutions for getting around these bottlenecks and uneconomical maintenance problems. With our comprehensive logistical service and professional organisation, we offer competitive services in this business sector as well.


Plastics are the greatest technical material success of the second half of the twentieth century. They are lightweight, can be formed easily, have excellent mechanical properties, moreover, they can be simply customised. For their advantageous properties and their concerned remarkable experiment results, the use of plastics in the machine industry, wrapping industry, etc. increased in the highest degree over the last few decades.


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